Save time, money and resources with a product that can reduce your website implementation costs by 80 percent.
A&E Solutions RAPID

An add-on application for Adobe Experience Manager that allows websites to act independently of AEM.

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Tangled up in a monolithic CMS?

When using RAPID your time to Market is increased by no less than 80% faster. Website Application Development time is reduced anywhere from 60-90%. RAPID even offers single page application SPA solutions, something that is not currently possible in a typical build with AEM. RAPID's return on investment is well over 200% when compared to a typical AEM build.


Imagine being able to transition your website to a new content management system, without a great loss in productivity or a high cost of implementation.


Imagine being able to keep your IT staff in control of their technology while they migrate to a new site.

Cost Efficient

At one time, IT managers thought these were pipe dreams that couldn't be achieved --but not anymore. For us, hearing that something has never been achieved before wasn't a roadblock; it was challenge.

  • RAPID saves:
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  • $ Money
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  • g Resources

Tired of feeling like this?

Let us show you how we can help transition your website and give your IT staff the control they want. The time is now.


We know your IT staff needs the ability to continue to grow with the technologies as they come up. If your CMS doesn't let you update to meet the demands of the latest technologies, you may find yourself having to start from scratch all over again in a year or two.

RAPID gives you this flexibility, allowing you to use your CMS with any language or direction you want. That keeps your company ahead.