Download:Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 Guide for Marketing and IT

With the rollout of AEM 6.4, what can marketers and IT managers do to maintain their website standards? In this guide, we detail the major changes in the latest Adobe Experience Manager release also discuss its limitations and what you can do to retain business value.

Up until now, Adobe Experience Manager has been entirely inflexible as to the languages and frameworks that were compatible with their content management system. AEM now natively supports Angular and REACT for single page application development, but what does this mean for your business? How will your IT and marketing teams be impacted? Is this functionality as impactful as it seems at first glance?

We’ll cover:

  • New advantages of AEM 6.4, including cloud scale and security and content automation
  • Limitations of AEM 6.4, specifically around the announcement of single-page application support
  • Solutions to maintain and grow business value as part of your AEM investment

Download the guide for marketers and IT managers today. A&E Solutions is an AEM consultant and content management specialist.

Adobe AEM 6.4