RAPID allows developers to transform AEM into a fully decoupled CMS. Develop in any language and from the cloud. RAPID is the solution for building for your business.


What is RAPID?

RAPID (Reconstructive API for the DOM) is an add-on for Adobe Experience Manager that allows developers to manage the content of standalone websites independently of AEM. Simply put, the platform provides developers an API to transform AEM into a headless CMS.

Language Agnostic

Develop end-to-end AEM applications or components in any language (JavaScript, PHP, .Net, etc) and with a custom AEM component library to drag and drop into any existing native AEM application. 


Truly Decoupled

Intuitively deliver content and customize user experiences to any channel - mobile, web, smart TV, and more


Universal CMS Support

Migrate existing websites and assets from legacy CMS into AEM effortlessly


Enhanced Performance

Improve website speed and AEM application performance with persistent HTTP connection.