A Headless solution that works harder
so you can work less!

A powerful add-on application for Adobe Experience Manager that allows websites to act independently of AEM.

An eye on Technologies

Save time, money and resources with a product that can reduce your website implementation costs by 80 percent.

AEM Apps in minutes

Simple and powerful all in one. Get all the benifits of the industry leading CMS and none of the restrictions. 


Language Agnostic 

Any framework, any language, none of the headache!  Go-lang, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Reactjs, Angular, etc...


An amazing plug-in for AEM that makes it easy to build WYSIWYG content managed web applications in any language. Great when you have legacy teams at a client that don't have AEM integration experience or teams looking to iterate quickly on applications in new or emerging js frameworks (Angular etc).


Imagine being able to transition your legacy website to a best in class CMS without Major Productivity gaps or inflated implementation cost 

Build it yourself

Keep strategic IT decisions and business knowledge in house.  Stop paying consulting companies costly fees while giving away your organization greatest assest

Cost Efficient

Minium 200% ROI when using RAPID when compared to a typical AEM build.

Full site implementation completed in weeks
NOT years

CMS got you Tangled up?

RAPID, is an add-on for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) that finally allows developers to manage the content of standalone websites independently of AEM. Simply said, this revolutionary package gives developers an API to use AEM as a headless CMS.

User License based off number of total authors

RAPID Enterprise Packages


  • RAPID Free 30 Day Trial 


  • Support
  • 9-5 M-F Online support ticket system
  • RAPID Documentation and training applications 
  •  Service Packs and Software upgrades


  • Support
  • 9-5 M-F telephone support with live agents
  • 24 Hour Online support ticket system
  •  10 hours a year consulting 
  • Service Packs and Software upgrades


  • Support
  • 24/7 telephone support with live agents  
  • 24 Hour Online support ticket system
  •   10 hours a year consulting
  • Company Architectural assessment and recommendation on best practices document 
  • RAPID Documentation and training applications  
  • Service Packs and Software upgrades