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A&E Solutionswas started by a couple of developers who continuously had to solve their own problems, after searching for pre-existing answers to many of their CMS needs. When their endless searches yielded little return, and top consulting agencies said it couldn't be done, they decided to band together to create their own solutions,which lead to the birth of the first Enterprise Content Management decoupling tool. During their careers, they have each held many different roles at the corporate level and in startup companies. Since they decided to bring their unique skills together, they have been helping other companies save time, money and resources. There is zero doubt that a Headless Content Management System will do just this!

Every company has technical debt, legacy systems and unique company processes that need to be understood before solutions can be given. While each company needs to keep up with evolving technologies, it's not always possible to start from scratch. A&E Solutions are experts in helping organizations through the inevitable growing pains that accompany transition periods as they implement new or existing CMSs. The Real Group just came out saying Headless CMS Architectures are the future of CMSs. There is no doubt that a Decoupled Content Management System can facilitate this transition.

Solutions Provider

A&E Solutions provides a comprehensive set of solutions that is tailored to companies' needs in any stage of the CMS transition process. They are a technical consulting company that specializes in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) implementations. This includes Data Migration Strategy, Decoupling CMS Implementations, e.g., RAPID and CMS Technical Strategy. Using their revolutionary product RAPID with Adobe Experience manager (AEM), website implementations are reduced by 90%, which also enables technology decisions to remain where they belong, with the IT team.

To provide cost-saving, uniquely tailored solutions to companies that would like to keep their applications and Web Content Management System decoupled.

A&E Solutions is an Adobe Solutions Provider whose owners combined pose three decades of technical expertise in Enterprise Web Content Management, Software Development, User Interface Development, Web Applications Development, Device/Mobile Development, Usability Experience, Graphic Design, Architecture Design, IT System Admin, Enterprise WCM Design, Development and Architecture.

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A&E Solutions expertise in Adobe Experience Manager helps The Hertz Corporation re-brand their family of websites in less than three months. Hertz.com, hertzcarsales.com, dollar.com and thrifty.com

A&E Solutions was able to update 4 desktop sites, 4 mobile web sites and 7 mobile apps in record time.

Anthony D'Angiolillo and Edouard Dorval speak at the Gilbane Digital Content Conference about "Take Back Your UI Layer with a Headless Decoupled CMS Architecture"

A&E Solutions presentation

The beta version of RAPID was released in September of 2014, just one year after A&E Solutions opened its doors. It's been a long and fun process for the guys, and now they are looking forward to shaking up the future of CMS development, which is decoupling or implementing headless software.

In just their first year of existence, A&E Solutions was named an Adobe community partner. A&E is able to offer digital marketing services or complementary technologies to their clients. A&E Solutions values the relationship they have built with Adobe, and looks forward to working closely with them through the years.


RAPID stands for Reconstructive API for the DOM and it is an add-on application for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) that allows websites to act independently of AEM. Simply said, this revolutionary product gives developers an API to decouple websites from AEM. When licensing a copy of RAPID for your AEM instance, implementation costs can be reduced by as much as 80%. No matter which technology stack used, AEM is now compatible, thanks to RAPID. This decoupling approach has never been taken before with CMS's, and was once thought that it couldn't be done. RAPID was designed to work independently of any programming language or development approach. This easy to use, tag-based approach leaves little development for your IT staff, and allows companies to focus on company strategic initiatives.

When moving to AEM, best case scenario is your team already knows JAVA, and the migration of all your code could be reduced. Even with the best case scenario, it is still a major development initiative. But what happens if your tech stack doesn't fit in with AEM's world class technology stack? The predicament companies find themselves in is to rebuild. That is a very risky approach, not to mention expensive and time consuming. When switching programming languages, most companies become dependent on consulting agencies to build out their new AEM site. In the process of rebuilding, you lose System Matter Experts (SME) and create even more dependencies on consulting agencies.

RAPID was built to keep your IT staff in control of their technology, as well as to give users most of the features AEM offers. Just imagine the power of being able to transition your website to a new content management system and keep your team and website intact. That is the beauty of a headless and decoupled content management system.




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