Digital Transformation.  

A&E Solutions is a digital agency with expertise in cloud & web development, native and hybrid mobile applications and custom CMS solution.

Digital Strategy.

A&E Solutions is a leader in working with start-ups and enterprises in aligning company goals and digital innovation.

Legacy Transformation.

We audit company’s technology stacks and help transform old legacy technologies & architectures to produce maximum efficiencies for your company.

Technology integration.

Let our technical staff help develop and integrate your vision for that competitive edge over your competition.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Organizations undergoing adoption of Adobe Experience Manager or new content management systems face challenges in keeping costs low, shortening migration timelines, and preparing for operational burdens that come with changing tools. A&E Solutions has years of experience assisting organizations undergoing digital transformation. Our proprietary technology, RAPID, is tailored to streamlining the adoption of AEM for both developers and marketers. We specialize in developing customized decoupled architecture solutions and providing transformation consulting services.

Our Technology 

Shortens Delivery Timelines

The RAPID platform significantly reduces time spent on designing and developing web and mobile assets within Adobe Experience Manager, across all critical delivery phases. Whether migrating an existing website or building out completely new digital assets, our technology will result in significant time and resource savings.

Application Development
AEM Component Building
Workflow and Navigation
Migration and Integration
Total Reduced Delivery Timeline with RAPID

Impactful Return-on-Investment

9 - 14

Months saved

Average delivery time saved when using RAPID in the development of AEM applications and associated components


Budget reduced

Cost savings strictly attributed to typical enterprise-scale development effort using the RAPID platform


Lower Headcount

Reduced number of web developers required to implement AEM applications with RAPID technology